Benefits of All Covered Cloud Servers

VNET IT offers your small to medium-sized business access to enterprise-class technologies and support.

Regardless of your business’s size or vertical market, you need to leverage technology to remain competitive. VNET IT, as your IT outsourcing provider, offers your business access to enterprise-class technologies and support at an affordable price so your business can sharpen its competitive edge without breaking the bank.

Recently, VNET IT added VNET IT Cloud Servers to its extensive list of IT support services. VNET IT Cloud Servers give your business access to the computing power of virtualized, high-end servers without expensive investments in hardware. VNET IT Cloud Servers are housed on enterprise-class hardware and are ideal for supporting Exchange, MS SQL, SharePoint, and other business-centric applications. Every VNET IT Cloud Server has its own firewall, allocated RAM, storage space, and bandwidth. VNET IT Cloud Servers are

Affordable – Because your business doesn’t have to invest in hardware, gaining access to enterprise-class technologies is finally within its budget. With VNET IT Cloud Servers, your business won’t have to invest in hardware purchases and upgrades. Instead, it will only pay for the services it needs, when it needs them. VNET IT Cloud Server fees are competitive and based on the hardware, software, and monthly services that your business uses.

Scalable – Because your business’s computing needs may change from time to time VNET IT Cloud Servers are flexible to meet your needs. VNET IT Cloud Servers are virtualized, are rapidly deployable. Of course, if your business ‘s computing needs decrease, VNET IT can rapidly decommission servers, too, ensuring that your business only pays for the VNET IT Cloud Servers that it needs.

Supported – Unlike many cloud server providers, VNET IT provides complete support as part of its VNET IT Cloud Servers service.

  • Patch management ensures that your VNET IT Cloud Servers have the latest security updates to protect your data.

  • Event log tracking monitors business applications such as SQL, Exchange, etc. for abnormal activity which may indicate a security event that requires immediate attention.

  • 24/7 remote monitoring guarantees that your VNET IT Cloud Servers are reliable and always running.

  • Technical support is available any time your business needs assistance.

Secure – You can trust that your data will be secure because VNET IT’s datacenter is SAS 70 Type II Compliant (a requirement if your business is regulated and chooses to have its servers hosted offsite) and located on US soil. Unlike many cloud server datacenters that typically require multiple virtual servers to share one firewall, every VNET IT Cloud Server has its own firewall to allow your business to tailor security to meet its specific needs.

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When coupled with VNET IT’s comprehensive IT support services for your company’s onsite needs, VNET IT’s Cloud Servers will give your small- or medium-sized business access to enterprise-class technologies. To learn more about how VNET IT’s Cloud Servers can help your business, please contact VNET IT.


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