Public, hybrid and private cloud computing models each offer unique benefits that fit different business IT needs. By the time you’ve read this article, you should be able to make some preliminary decisions about which cloud model will best serve your business’ IT needs.

Public cloud

This type of cloud computing model would be a good choice if your business needs to replace a service or application that you currently have and run on-site. Switching services to the public cloud will give you additional features that aren’t always available through a simple onsite upgrade. Other good reasons to consider the public cloud model include the following:

  • Your software or hardware is approaching End of Life (EOL) and upgrading or replacement is too expensive.

  • You need features that you can’t get from a local, onsite solution.

  • Your IT resources such as servers and specialized applications are decentralized.

  • You have multiple offices and remote users.

  • You require high-availability for only one or two business solutions.

Hybrid cloud

Your business would benefit from the hybrid cloud solution if you already have investments in hardware, software and solutions in place but still needs to supplement your IT network. Consider the hybrid cloud computing model if you want to supplement only one or two components of your IT environment and have the following needs:

  • You have centralized all of your IT resources but must add a critical feature to one of them.

  • You need secure server backups or a data archiving solution.

  • You need email and web content filtering and protection.

Private cloud

If your business needs require high availability and security, consider this cloud computing model. A private cloud will provide your business with an environment that is designed around redundancy, high availability, and secure remote access. Choose the private cloud model if your business needs include the following:

  • You have multiple sites, especially “satellite” offices with all IT resources centralized at HQ.

  • You have high-availability needs around data access, internet, email and other critical applications

  • Your business has complex regulatory and legal requirements that require physical controls of data, physical access to sensitive data, enhanced logging or secure access to data using keys or tokens.

  • Your business deals with high-risk data that is governed by PCI, HIPPA or FISMA regulatory controls.

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