Disaster recovery and business continuity for small to medium-sized businesses.

Today’s small and medium-sized businesses depend heavily on technology resources, but access to the best technology solutions can be challenging for smaller businesses. Backup solutions for small and medium business have historically been limited to local backup to tape and disc or data backup of off-site cloud storage. These solutions work for recovery of files and folders and even recovery of e-mail data, but they fail

to provide disaster recovery and business continuity in the event of total server failure or inability to get into  

your physical facility. VNET IT’s Backup for Servers brings enterprise solutions to small businesses in the form of an easy to deploy appliance that incorporates local backup, cloud backup, object-level Exchange restore and local server business continuity. The solution is designed to grow with your needs and there is no initial hardware purchase required to get started.

Benefits of VNET IT Backup

  • Local Backup Appliance – our backup solution starts with a dedicated local appliance which supports backup of Microsoft Windows, Macintosh and Linux platforms. Data is compressed, deduplicated and encrypted on the local appliance to optimize capacity and provide security.

  • Cloud Data Replication – our solution then replicates your data to our SAS 70 type II compliant data center located in the United States. All data is transferred in its compressed, deduplicated and encrypted format as stored on the local device and is stored in this manner in the datacenter.

  • Flexible – our solution can be used for simple server backup or it can be implemented with the ability to replicated one or more servers in the event of hardware failure or disaster. With this option, your business has access to data and systems for true business continuity.

  • Fixed Costs – our monthly pricing includes local and cloud backup, monitoring of the device and backup schedules, help-desk support and hardware warranty.

  • Scalable – our solution is scalable as your data or number of servers to backup grow. Our service makes it easy to upgrade your local appliance and amount of cloud storage. Movement to a higher tier of service is also simple and typically will not require hardware reconfiguration.

VNET IT Backup for Servers – Tiered Functionality

  • Backup – data from your servers is replicated to a local appliance in real-time. Data from the appliance is then repli- cated to our SAS 70 type II datacenter. The combination of local and cloud-based backup offers the ability to quickly restore from the local appliance in the event that a file, folder or other data point is deleted from the primary server or workstation, but also offers the added security of being able to recover those same files from the cloud. So, if you need to retrieve the files while at another location or if the appliance is unavailable for any reason, you can recover the necessary data from the central repository.

  • Local Continuity – adds the ability to perform bare-metal restorations of servers to help you recover quickly from site disasters or server failure by allowing you to restore your entire server environment to new hardware. Additionally, this level of service allows the local backup appliance to virtualize a stored image and take the place of up to three failed servers temporarily.

  • Cloud Continuit
    - adds additional virtualization functionality through a more robust local appliance. Allows virtual- ization of up to eight servers simultaneously.

Features and FunctionsBackupLocal ContinuityCloud Continuity
On Premise ApplianceXXX
On Premise ApplianceXXX
Windows, Linux and Mac SupportXXX
Windows, Linux and Mac SupportXXX
Off-site Replication to SAS 70 II, U.S. DatacenterXXX
Off-site Replication to SAS 70 II, U.S. DatacenterXXX
Initial Seeding of Data (shipping charge applies)XXX
Initial Seeding of Data (shipping charge applies)XXX
Bare Metal Workstation and Server Restores XX
Bare Metal Workstation and Server Restores XX
Cloud Spin-up of Failed Server  X

VNET IT Cloud Technology Team

As part of your move to VNET IT’s Backup for Servers solution, our team of backup and cloud data experts will setup, configure and monitor all backups. Tests of the backup images and virtualization capabilities are included in the standard fee. Our goal is to ensure that your data is backed up and your ability to recover from disaster or data loss occurs quickly and effectively.


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