IT outsourcing companies know that your company’s overall success is dependent upon selecting the right IT tools to support your business. Selecting the best OS for your company’s desktop computers is an important step in creating a productive IT environment that is easy to use.

Recommended Desktop Operating Systems

Because desktop operating systems are designed to run applications for end users, the OS that you choose for your company needs to work well with the programs that your company uses on a frequent basis. While there are numerous desktop operating systems to choose from, All Covered recommends that you choose from the following:

Microsoft is the recognized world leader when it comes to desktop operating systems for businesses. Microsoft desktop operating systems are easy to use and compatible with most business productivity applications available. As a Microsoft Preferred Gold Partner, All Covered is very experienced with all Microsoft products and has access to support and services that can help you customize your business desktop operating systems to improve productivity and overall business success. While Microsoft currently offers support for XP and Vista, both of those operating systems are near the end of their lifespans, so All Covered recommends that you consider their newest OS instead.

  • Windows 7 is an intuitive OS that makes it easy to navigate through different applications. IT consulting companies agree that this OS takes less memory, loads applications more quickly, and is more secure than earlier operating systems released by Microsoft.

Mac operating systems are great for businesses that work with high-end multimedia programs. It support companies recommend that businesses frequently use graphic design, video, engineering, or other multimedia programs should consider selecting a Mac-based OS for desktop computers. Mac offers two desktop operating systems to meet your corporate IT needs.

  • OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard takes advantage of faster 64bit processor chips, making it twice as fast as 10.5. The new 64bit chip supports more RAM to improve application processing speeds and with the new integrated Java application internet is faster than ever. IT services providers suggest that businesses that are upgrading Mac based desktop computers purchase 64bit machines and install the Snow Leopard OS.

  • OS X 10.5 Leopard runs on 32bit processor chips and is a great choice when your company needs to upgrade an existing OS system. IT companies like three new features introduced in 10.5: an automatic backup feature, an application that gives users remote access to computers by way of a secure internet session, and the ability to run virtual operating systems on a desktop computer all enhance a stable OS.

Linux is a free desktop OS that has been slowly gaining a foothold in the corporate world. IT support companies suggest businesses that run proprietary or highly customized applications consider a Linux-based OS. All Covered’s IT experts recommend that you consider the two following Linux-based operating systems when a Microsoft or Mac OS won’t meet your corporation’s needs.

  • Fedora is a Linux-based desktop OS that is manufactured by redhat. This OS is free and comes bundled with many productivity applications that may replace your need to purchase an office suite. The only drawback to Fedora is that it is entirely supported by volunteer efforts and might not always have up-to-date security patches and compatibility updates.

  • SuSE/Novell is another free Linux-based desktop OS. As customizable as Fedora, this OS is supported by a professional corporation, ensuring that security patches and compatibility updates are always available.

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All Covered is a nationally based IT outsourcing provider that has more than ten years of experience with the many different desktop operating systems available. When your company is ready to upgrade the operating systems on its desktop computers, call on the experts at All Covered to help you select, install, and maintain the best OS to meet your corporate needs.


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