Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), also known as internet telephony, is an affordable way for your small- to medium-sized business to have access to a Fortune 500-caliber phone system without investing in costly hardware or paying an expensive monthly service fee. IT consulting companies have been using Hosted VoIP for years and are now recommending it for businesses that want to take advantage of technology to save money and remove the headaches associated with maintaining a traditional phone system.

What it is

Hosted VoIP gives your business access to familiar phone features that are typically available through traditional phone service but at a fraction of the cost. Unlike traditional phone service where your business would have to buy or lease phones and other expensive hardware, install wiring, and then pay for a dial tone as well as other needed phone services and long distance coverage, Hosted VoIP is simple to use and affordable. When your business selects a Hosted VoIP solution, it will have access to the professional phone system it needs without an expensive investment in technology or an unpredictable monthly bill.

Why it’s better

VNET IT, an IT outsourcing provider has worked with numerous Hosted VoIP solution providers for small-to medium sized businesses and recommends Hosted Voice solutions from the best service providers in your area. We research the highest quality vendor in your area and based on your company needs, make the proper recommendations.

IT companies have identified that if your business adopts a Hosted VoIP phone system, it will experience a noticeable reduction in business expenses associated with telephony needs. With a Hosted VoIP solution networked by VNET IT, your business will be able to take advantage of the following savings:

  • Reduced monthly fees – Hosted VoIP gives your business a negotiated and predictable flat fee that includes local and long distance calling as well as chosen phone service features. With a Hosted Voice solution, your business can realize a great cost savings, especially if your company has multiple offices in different states or conducts business with international clients.

  • Reduced operating costs – Operating costs associated with a traditional telephone system are decreased because phone system maintenance is included in your contracted monthly service payments.

  • Decreased infrastructure costs – Because your hosted voice system uses your existing network infrastructure, running on your computer network, your business won’t have to invest in a separate voice communications network.

What it does

IT services providers have found that Hosted VoIP phone systems are excellent for all sizes of businesses, especially small- to medium sized, because the value of Hosted Voice solutions is not tied to the size of an organization, but rather to its unique business needs. Upgrading your business phone system to a Hosted VoIP phone solution will give your company access to the following key features:

  • Unified communications – Hosted VoIP will integrate your business’ phone system with the corporate email system, allowing everyone in the organization to receive voicemail in their inboxes and emails in their voicemail boxes.

  • Hassle free routing – With Hosted Voice, it is easy (and affordable) to link multiple offices, regardless of physical location, into one system.

  • Embedded continuity – A key feature that IT support specialists appreciate is the ability to keep phone communications up and running, regardless of a power outage or other service interruption. In the event that your business’ office loses connectivity, all phone communications will be instantly routed to another location or cell phone.

To learn more

With Hosted VoIP, your business will have access to a Fortune 500 phone system without the expensive costs of purchasing and maintaining a high-end phone system. To learn more about how a Hosted Voice solution will help your business please contact your Hosted VoIP solutions partner at VNET IT.


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