As a small to medium-sized business owner, you need to use many different IT tools from many different manufacturers to carry out your daily business tasks.

When all the technologies work well together, everything gets done the way it should. However, whenever any of your technology tools has a problem, it can affect your entire IT environment and that’s why the best IT companies offer integrated solutions. The best IT companies take the time to research, coordinate, and implement your business’ IT tools so that your IT environment works the way it should allowing you to focus on core business tasks. The best IT companies have the knowledge, training, and experience to work with your existing technology as well as the know-how to add new and complementary technologies to your IT environment.

Integrated solutions allow your business to take advantage of the many business-centric services that are available with a typical IT environment. As part of an integrated solutions plan, the best IT companies will plan, install, manage and maintain your IT network, regardless of where the equipment was purchased or what company manufactured it. Integrated solutions generally include support in the following areas:

  • Email protection – prevents spam, viruses, and phishing scams from getting into your inbox and then potentially gaining access to your company’s entire IT environment.

  • Email archiving – securely stores all of your business’ email communications. With archiving, authorized users can search and retrieve any email for compliance, regulatory requirements, or other reasons throughout your entire organization.

  • Email encryption – helps protect sensitive email information from interception, tampering, and theft. With email encryption installed on your business’ IT network, all of your email communications will be secure.

  • Web protection – blocks malicious and inappropriate web content from being downloaded. Web protection also helps reduce your legal liabilities by blocking inappropriate sites and content. A comprehensive reporting app will allow you to monitor users’ web traffic and adjust company policies.

  • Online server backup – safely and securely backs up your data over the internet to an online vault, ensuring that your critical data is safe. Not only is this service great for companies that need to keep backups of proprietary data, it is also excellent for companies that are physically located in areas at risk from natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, and seasonal fires.

  • Hosted Exchange – saves your company the expense of housing and operating an Exchange server (hardware, application, storage space, electricity, etc.). The best IT companies host this service for you so you have access to all the benefits of Microsoft Exchange while gaining the added features of redundancy in case of primary data center failure, integrated smart phone support, and email access resources for mobile users.

  • Online portal access – gives your business access to your IT company quickly and easily. Similar to online banking, you have a login screen that gives you secure access to your account. From your account screen, you can view your bill, submit and track a help ticket, view documentation that itemizes how your IT network has been maintained, and so on.

The best IT companies have engineered integrated solutions that make it simple for you to focus on your business’ core tasks. When choosing an IT company to support your small to medium-sized business, be sure that you are hiring one of the best IT companies which can provide your business with the integrated solutions it needs. For more information about integrated solutions, please contact VNET IT at 866.4.VNET.IT


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