Your company’s IT environment needs to experience maximum uptime. As a small to medium-sized business owner, when you hire an IT support firm to maintain and support your IT environment, you need to be sure that it can support your network, regardless of your problem, your location, or the time of day. That’s why the best IT companies are nationally based with local teams in most major metropolitan areas. The best IT companies offer you the comfort, convenience, and accessibility of a local team and extend that support throughout the nation.

Local Team

The best IT support companies will offer you a primary support team that is located in your region. This team will provide your business with the IT support it needs. To ensure that your business has the best IT support possible, your local team is stratified into five layers. The five layers of support are as follows:

  • Support specialists – have a broad-based knowledge of IT environments and provide general IT network support that focuses on keeping your IT environment updated as well as addressing general technical problems.

  • Engineers – are responsible for installing servers and taking care of tasks of a similar nature.

  • Consultants – address projects that are more complex and excel at troubleshooting IT network problems.

  • Solution architects – take care of the most complex projects that typically involve major changes to your entire network.

  • Relationship managers – are the final level of the team and are responsible for making sure that you, as a client, are getting all of your IT needs met in a courteous, timely, and professional manner.

While most local teams have several employees in each role, your small to medium-sized business will be assigned a core support team that will provide most of your support. In the event that you have an emergency and one of your core team members unavailable, you will still get the support you need because other employees from your local IT firm are completely qualified to step in and provide your business with the immediate support it needs. Together, these five team positions ensure that your IT system is completely covered from standard support to complex projects.

National Reach

Because the best IT companies have local offices in most metropolitan areas, you have access to national support when you travel. If you have an IT related problem, regardless of where you are, you can call your customer support hotline and be connected with the local team for help with your IT problem. Since every team is built on the same five-layer stratification, you will get the same quality of support that you know and love. To ensure that your IT support is consistent wherever you roam, the best IT companies offer the following services:

  • Client portal – securely allows you to view your account activity that includes support tickets, billing, and documentation. You will also find the customer hotline and an e-chat features that will give you access to help when you need it.

  • Centralized operating center – gives you 24/7 support of your business systems from a single, centralized location, ensuring that all data needed to take care of your IT system is available, regardless of where you are when you have a problem.

The best IT companies are staffed by talented individuals that work together as a team to support your network. The best IT companies have a local presence in most major metropolitan areas so you can get IT help regardless of your location. To learn more about local companies with a national reach, please contact VNET IT at 866.4.VNET.IT


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