Regardless of the size of your business, your company depends on a well-constructed IT environment to stay competitive in our high-tech business world. IT services providers recognize that business server applications are a key element in any well-constructed business IT environment.

An important part of your IT environment

While business server applications are not directly used by your company’s end-users, IT support firms realize that they are still a very important part of your business IT environment. Because server applications directly influence how easily your end-users can access centrally stored data and services, IT outsourcing providers encourage you to do your research and seek guidance about which server applications will best meet your business’ unique computing needs.

Top picks

IT companies like VNET IT consistently recommend a series of Microsoft server applications that are customizable to meet the unique needs of many types of businesses. Depending upon your company’s IT needs, these applications can be directly installed on individual servers, virtualized on host servers, or delivered through the internet as Software as a Service (SaaS). The top four business server applications that VNET IT suggests your business consider are as follows:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a server-based application that focuses on providing small- and mid-sized businesses with marketing, sales, and customer relationship solutions. While this server-based solution is a great stand-alone product, Microsoft went the extra mile to make Dynamics CRM compatible with third party solutions that are intended for specific vertical markets. Dynamics CRM now includes Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, which provides a web portal for access to tools that will give your company the ability to do business tasks such as accept credit and debit card transactions, a commerce window for selling your company’s goods and services online, as well as many other features.

MS Exchange is a corporate email server that, in addition to administering and storing email, also distributes additional functions such as calendars and contacts. It has an integrated web portal that gives remote users secure access to email, calendars, and contacts through any web browser. Exchange integrates automatically with most smartphones through ActiveSync, allowing email, calendaring, and contacts to sync automatically. The latest version of Exchange also supports unified messaging, which can put voice mail and faxes in your inbox and email in your VoIP phone and smartphone voicemail systems.

MS SharePoint is a collaboration platform that allows end-users, partners, clients, and vendors to securely and easily share documents and information. Because SharePoint is accessed through a web browser, it can be highly customized to meet your business’ unique needs. SharePoint can also integrate with other applications to provide features such as document management, project management, and streaming web presentations. The latest version of SharePoint makes it easy to share documents with others that don’t have access to Microsoft programs; any time your business creates a document in a Microsoft program, it can be shared with others through a web-based service called Microsoft Web Apps.

MS SQL is a business-server application that can help your company quickly process significant numbers, perform detailed statistical analysis, and run complex third-party applications that manipulate data. Many third party programs are designed to work in tandem with SQL because its speed, reliability, and scalability can’t be beat. Microsoft offers SQL in multiple editions, with different feature sets that focus on the unique needs of different users. MS SQL includes an assortment of add-on services such as reporting, replication, and full-text searching.

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Over the past decade, VNET IT has helped many small- and medium-sized businesses assess and select the best business server applications to meet their unique needs. To learn more about the best server applications for your company, please contact the IT consulting experts at VNET IT.


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